Reflections - The Art of Alison Kinnaird (Book & DVD)

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This book is a retrospective of the work of Scottish artist Alison Kinnaird which highlights the breadth of her artistic achievements in glass over four decades. Alison has an international reputation; her work has been exhibited all over the world and is included in many important private and public collections.

Using the ancient and increasingly rare technique of wheel engraving, combined with modern technology to introduce light and colour, Alison's art ranges from small intimate pieces to installations on an architectural scale. In 1997, she was awarded an MBE for services to Art and Music.

This book features more than 100 full colour images of Alison’s work, an artist’s essay, a complimentary DVD featuring films of her work and harp music, and an introduction by James Holloway, former director of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

"Alison Kinnaird's imagery is simply outside time...yet it embraces questions about identity and relationships…Her figures relate to the human condition as we think of it today."
Dan Klein.

"....a whole world of ancient and contemporary references are there to be read."
Jennifer Opie

Further Info
Publisher: Kinmor Music
First Published: 2013
Physical Format: A4 Paperback (includes complimentary DVD)
Temple Records Catalogue Number: BK 012
ISBN: 978-0-9540160-2-9

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