Peter Nardini - Is There Anybody Out There?

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Peter Nardini is an acclaimed Scottish artist and singer/songwriter. He defies easy categorisation but, if you insist I point you in the right direction, I would say that his songs have the politics of Billy Bragg, the edge and wit of Loudon Wainwright III, the dark romance of Jaques Brel and the accent of Billy Connolly...

"...a very talented artist ... could be just the minstrel Glasgow needs to chronicle changing times"

"Peter Nardini is a major discovery. It's good that a new generation, divorced by two decades from the unfortunate turn the post-Dylan singer-songwriter animal took, are now able to get back to the basics and use them to produce something simultaneously slap up to date and timeless. Baby rescued from the bathwater!"

Track list:
1. Who Is That?
2. Is There Anybody Out There?
3. It'll No Happen Again
4. White Heat
5. Why Sink The Belgrano
6. God Rules Ok!
7. The Ballad of Lawrence Orange and Eugene Green
8. As I Speak
9. I'll No Let You Doon
10. Name Droppin
11. Michael
12. Now That Hitlers Back In Style
13. Rosary Beads
14. Glasgow Cathedral
15. Hogmanay
16. Why Did You Let Me Go Fishing
17. Lanarkshire Girls
18. Deo Gratias

Artists on this album:
Peter Nardini
Stewart Forbes
Gavin Livingstone
John McCusker
Robin Morton

Further Information:
First released in 1985. Re-issued on CD in 2000 with four extra tracks (15-18)

Temple Records Catalogue Number: COMD / DD / LP 2020 (TP 020)

Produced by Robin Morton

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