Angus MacColl

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Angus MacColl

Widely regarded as one of the finest pipers of modern times, Angus MacColl hails from a family with a long and great piping tradition. Angus was taught initially by his father Dugald, but was also very much influenced by the family connection to the legendary piper and composer John MacColl, who was his great-grand-uncle.

From a young age Angus started winning prizes in competitions and has gone on to win most of the prestigious events such as the Glenfiddich Championships, as well as the Gold Medal and the Clasp at the Northern Meetings, and many more.

Angus is also very popular at recital, as his style of play is always musical and often flamboyant.

Angus MacColl appears on Vol IV of the 1996 Piping Centre Recital Series (Temple Records COMD2073)