Arthur Gillies

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Arthur Gillies

Arthur G. Gillies (1934-2003)

Bagpiper Arthur Gillies from Kilchrennan in Argyll, established a formidable reputation as one of our foremost exponents of piobaireachd. As a young man he had tuition from the Lawrie family in Oban, and later from 'big' Donald MacLean of Lewis. At the age of seventeen he won his first professional contest, and quickly became a familiar and highly regarded figure on the piping circuit. Indeed he has the rare distinction of having won every prize at the Argyllshire gathering in Oban, from the local events to the Gold Medal and senior Piobaireachd.

In later years he was a regular visitor to the piping authority Archie Kenneth, at Stronachullin and this helped nurture a bold and rhythmic approach to the playing of Ceol Mor.

Widely respected for his gentlemanly demeanour both on and off the boards, His consistency and class as a competitor were extraordinary. The Senior Masters’ Gold Axe at the Lochaber Gathering in Fort William he won on three occasions, which he considered himself one of his greatest achievements.

Arthur Gillies appears on Vol III of the 1997 Piping Centre Recital Series (Temple Records COMD2077).