Blair Douglas

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Blair Douglas

Born and brought up in Skye, accordionist Blair Douglas was a founder member of the bands Runrig, Mactalla and Cliar, and has created a series of highly-regarded recordings under his own name. Over a decade ago, along with Arthur Cormack, singer Shona MacDonald and photographer Colin MacLean he collaborated in a project called 'Skye, The Island', a touring exhibition of photographs, song and music inspired by the island's unique culture and landscape. Producing an album and selling tapes as the exhibition toured, they went on to launch the Macmeanmna record label, initially to distribute Blair Douglas' music.

Blair was inspired to buy an accordion after hearing the playing of the late, lamented Niall CheĆ²is of Lewis. In 1973 he teamed up with Calum and Rory MacDonald and together they formed the Run Rig Dance Band to play at the North Uist & Bernera Association concert in Glasgow.

A short flirtation with a full time playing career in the late 70's proved unsuccessful and eventually led to Blair and Runrig (the 'Dance Band' tag having by this time been dumped) going their separate ways. However Blair did return to play on Run Rig's Recovery in 1981.

Blair appears on Mactalla's 'Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol' (Temple Records COMD2054)