Davy Steele

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Davy Steele 10th December 1948 - 11th April 2001

Davy Steele was born in the small East Lothian mining and fishing community of Prestonpans, on the shores of the Forth, a little to the east of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Davy and his music became very well known in Scotland, and quickly gained ground internationally as a songwriter and "one of the finest singers in contemporary Scottish folk music'' (Scotsman 1992).

Davy had become known initially for his work with the five-part close-harmony group, Drinkers Drouth, followed by Gael Force, Urbn Ri, Ceolbeg, Clan Alba, and Caledon. In 1997, Davy and his music took the international stage when he joined Battlefield Band.

It was while with Battlefield Band that Davy was diagnosed with brain cancer, and subsequently taken from life's stage all too prematurely in April, 2001, at the age of 52.

It is with the deepest sorrow that Battlefield Band and all of the management team at Temple Records and Folklore Productions in the USA regret the passing of Davy Steele. Davy was for all too short a time part of the Band, but the music he made with us, and the great body of music he made before joining the Band, as well as the many friends and admirers he made on the road, is a testament to his contribution to Scottish music.

Davy appears on two Battlefield Band albums: 'Rain, Hail or Shine' (Temple Records COMD2074) & 'Leaving Friday Harbor' (Temple Record COMD2080) and he also released a solo album just prior to joining Battlefield Band - 'Chasing Shadows' (Temple Records COMD2071)