Dougie Pincock

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Dougie Pincock has brought a modern sensibility to Scotland's piping tradition. Although he continues to reveal a mastery of the traditional jigs and reels, Pincock has incorporated jazz and rock influences into his playing. During his seven-year tenure with the Battlefield Band, he played everything from traditional instrumentals to Celtic-tinged renditions of Creedence Clearwater Revival's swamp-rock classic, "Bad Moon Rising." Dirty Linen praised him for playing "progressive Scottish roots music at its best," while, ex-Battlefield Band bandmate Brian McNeill claimed that in Pincock's hands, "the chanter is proud and secure -- but thank God will never be safe," in his liner notes to Pincock's debut solo album, Something Blew.

A graduate of the University of Glasgow, Pincock attracted international acclaim as a member of the Battlefield Band from 1984 until 1990. He began sharing his knowledge of the pipes with students at Glasgow's Piping Center in December 1998. He was recently appointed the first director of the Centre of Excellence for Traditional Music at Plockton High School. He continues to teach whistle and flute at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dance.

Dougie's book of pipe tunes - "The Gem So Small" is currently unavailable but may be re-issued with accompanying CD and will then be available through the Temple Records online shop

Dougie played in Battlefield Band from 1983- and appears on the following albums:
Anthem For The Comon Man (Temple Records COMD2008), On The Rise (Temple Records COMD2009), Music In Trust I & II (previously Temple Records COMD2010 & COMD2004 - repackaged as a double album in 2005 - COMD2097)