Gordon Mooney

Since the early eighties, the bellows blown bagpipes have been enjoying a revival in interest. A musician at the forefront of this revival has been Gordon Mooney. Gordon was born in 1951 in Edinburgh and began study of the bagpipe when he was seven. He now lives in the Scottish Borders near the Tweed and in sight of the Eildon hills.

In the mid-1970’s he got wind of the existence of the bellows blown bagpipes and started to learn the Northumbrian pipes and also research the Border and Lowland bagpipes and their music. He has published two tune books and a tutor based on this research and was a founder member of the Lowland and Border Piper’s society. He has been a major influence in the revival in interest in the instruments and the music both at home and abroad.

Gordon has recorded one album for Temple Records: 1989’s ‘O’er the Border’ (Temple Records COMD2031). On this recording he plays Border bagpipes, Scottish small pipes; solo and in combination with other instruments. Other musicians appearing on this album include Gordon’s wife Barbara, Nigel Richard, Jo Miller, Charlie Sloane, Dougie Pincock, Alan Reid & Brian Miller.