Jamie McMenemy

Jamie is hailed as one of Scotland’s finest singers of traditional material ; he is renowned for his backing arrangements on the bouzouki.

Jamie was born in the Irish community in Glasgow, Scotland. While a student at Glasgow School of Art, he started playing and singing in several local traditional folk bands, before turning professional in 1976, and touring for three years with the Battlefield Band. On his first tour, Jamie dicovered Brittany, its music and its people, and moved there in 1979, where he was immediately adopted by the traditional musicians; it is now his permanent home.

In 1981, he recorded a solo album and formed Kornog. When the group disbandedin 1987, he took a break until 1993.

He has since been gigging in various line-ups from duos to 6 piece outfits, Breton dance bands, or Irish/Scottish bands where he sings, and regularly gigging with other Kornog members.More recently, he has been playing with, and has also recorded an album with, piper Fred Morrison

Jamie appears on the Temple Records releases: Battlefield Band - 'Battlefield Band' (COMD2055) & Battlefield Band - 'At The Front' (COMD2056).