The music of Christine Primrose

Christine PrimroseChristine Primrose, our current featured artist, is one of the great Scottish Gaelic singers, a native speaker who has been singing traditional Gaelic song all her life. Originally from Carloway, a village on the west side of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, she has travelled the world singing and teaching, blazing a path that many other Gaelic singers have followed. A multiple prize-winner at the Mod and the Pan Celtic Festival, and more recently awarded 'Gaelic Singer of the Year' at the Scots Traditional Music Awards in 2009, she has rightly become an extremely highly regarded and sought after artist and tutor.

Christine's first album, Àite mo Ghaoil, was released in 1982 - at a time when traditional Gaelic singing was not widely known or appreciated - and broke many barriers, helping to introduce Gaelic song to a wider non-Gaelic speaking audience both in Scotland and beyond.

You can find all her solo releases, her work with Alison Kinnaird, the Mac-talla album and several others which feature her below.

Audio Interview: 
Robin Morton talks to Christine Primrose
about the song she chose to perform on
Battlefield Band's recent Beg & Borrow album,
and her career and formative years as a Gaelic singer.