Alison Kinnaird and Christine Primrose - The Quiet Tradition

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Alison Kinnaird and Christine Primrose are already well-known as outstanding solo performers in their respective fields of traditional Scottish harp and Gaelic song and their performances have also won acclaim worldwide as a duo. This recording captures Christine's beautiful voice, with its effortless traditional style, accompanied by Alison's sensitive harp playing and chorus vocals, in a way which supports the character of the singing and adds an extra dimension to the music. Their repertoire includes love songs, laments and descriptive pieces, as well as lively dance music.

"... Another disc which should bring enjoyment to Gaels and non-Gaels alike"

"... It's one to treasure for ever"

      Track list:
      1. Oran Do Mhac Leoid Dhun Bheagain (Song to MacLeod of Dunvegan)
      2. O'N Chuir Mo Leannan Culaibh Rium (Since My Darling Turned From Me) / Do Chrochadh A Thoill Thu (You Deserve To Be Hanged)
      3. Da Mihi Manum (Give Me Your Hand)
      4. Tha Mi Fo Churam (I Am Full of Care)
      5. Cailleach An Dudain (The Old Woman Of The Mill-Dust)
      6. O'S Toil 'S Gu Ro Thoil Leam (O I Like, I Do Like)
      7. Cumha Crann Nan Teud (The Lament For The Harp Key)
      8. Tha Thide Agam Eirigh (It Is Time For The Harp Key)
      9. The Crags of Ailsa / Staffa's Shore
      10. An Smeorach (The Thrush) / The Song-Thrush / The Mistle-Thrush
      11. Tha Na H-Uain Air An Tulaich (The Lambs Are On The Hillock)
      12. Port Lennox
      13. Bean Mhic A'Mhaoir (The Wife Of The Bailiffs Son)
      14. Sneachd Heisgeir (The Snows Of Heiskeir) / Sleepy Maggie
      15. Mo Ghaol Oigfhear (My Dear Young Man)

      Artists on this album:
      Alison Kinnaird
      Christine Primrose

      Further Information:
      Released in 1990

      Temple Records Catalogue Number:
      CD - COMD 2041
      Download - DD 2041

      Produced by Robin Morton

      Download Songwords & Translation for The Quiet Tradition:


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