Battlefield Band - Threads

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Released in 1995, 'Threads' was a long awaited Battlefield Band album, as the group had been touring extensively for almost three years since their previous release. The constantly evolving band had been in existence for over a quarter of a century at this point, with many fine albums under their belts, and they were firmly established as progressive torch bearers for Scottish traditional music. Had they rested on their laurels, it would have been understandable, but, thankfully, it was worth waiting for; a truly great album which found a revitalised group playing some of their best material to date, and sounding fresher than ever.

Recorded by one of the most popular Battlefield Band line-ups of Alan Reid, Iain MacDonald, Alistair Russell and John McCusker, 'Threads' also features Shooglenifty duo James MacKintosh and Quee MacArthur on percussion and bass on several tracks, and Alison Kinnaird on cello

"... will ultimately be regarded as one of the best albums of contemporary folk ever to be released, I would unhesitatingly recommend its purchase"

"A case of familiarity breeding respect"

"...if you're feeling down, throw away the Prozac and listen to this"

Track list:
1. In And Out The Harbour / The Top Tier / Sleepy Maggie / Molly Rankin
2. The Arran Convict
3. Snow On The Hills / Xesus and Felisa / Shake A Leg / Ril gan Ainm
4. Tramps and Hawkers
5. My Home Town / Kalabakan
6. The Weary Whaling Ground
7.  Miss Kate Rusby
8. The Same Old Story
9. Simon Thoumire's Jig
10. MacPherson's Lament
11. Tam Bain's Lum / The Price of the Pig / Isabelle Blackley
12. The Indian Lass

Artists on this album:
Battlefield Band
Alan Reid 
Alistair Russell
Iain MacDonald
John McCusker
Alison Kinnaird (cello)
James MacKintosh (percussion)
Quee MacArthur (bass)

Further Information:
Label: Temple Records
Released: 1995

Temple Records Catalogue Number: COMD 2061

Engineered by Moray Munro and Robin Morton
Produced by Robin Morton

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