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Alan Reid

Alan Reid was an ever-present member of Battlefield Band from 1969-2010 when, after four decades, he decided that it was time to bow out, in order to develop his writing and to follow other musical paths and partnerships. He now performs in a duo with Dutch guitarist and singer-songwriter Rob Van Sante

The 'Batties' have been pre-eminent in Scottish traditional music for over 30 years. They have toured all over the world, made over 20 recordings and worked with such diverse artists as Garrison Keillor, Van Morrison and Mike Oldfield. Their albums have won awards in Germany, Britain and the U.S. Throughout this time, Alan has been at the 'engine room' of the band, his keyboards underpinning the bagpipes and the fiddle. Alan was the first to use keyboards as an integral part of a traditional folk band and the depth of his melodic playing and punctuated rhythms have so defined Celtic music that his, and Battlefield Band's influence can be heard in many of today's younger generation of Celtic musicians.

Alan is also a gifted singer and songwriter, his solo and harmony singing have been to the fore throughout Battlefield Band's history. His songs have been a feature of the band's repertoire since the early 80's and have been noted for their story telling element, lyricism and their strong melody. In 1998 his first solo album 'The Sunlit Eye' featuring new songs, original tunes and two of his favourite Burns' songs was released. His song and tune book 'Martyrs, Rogues and Worthies' was released early in 2001.

Alan's 'Recollection' album on Temple Records is a compilation which takes a retrospective look at some of the fine songs he wrote during his forty years with Battlefield Band

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