Battlefield Band's recording of Robert Burns' - 'My Luv's Like A Red Red Rose' January 25 2016

To celebrate the Bard of Ayrshire, here's Battlefield Band's take of one of Robert Burns best-loved works.

This recording is taken from the band's album Dookin', released in 2007 which you can find here:

Alan Reid says in the sleevenotes "we were taken with the less well known melody that I found in Johnson’s Scots Musical Museum (published 1784) for it seemed to us to be like a new song. Johnson suggests it is the original tune used by Burns for this poem. But just in case any of you pine for the more familiar tune, we play a bit of it as an instrumental break – a case of proportional representation"

Alan Reid – vocal, piano / Sean O'Donnell – Guitar, backing vocal; / Alasdair White – Fiddles, whistle / Mike Katz – whistle, Scottish small pipes